Hair Extension Aftercare Guidelines

Please read carefully – your new hair extensions require a little more care than your own hair but by following the below steps you will get the best out of your new hair. However feel free to contact me with any further questions or concerns.

Looking after your extensions

*Once fitted please allow at least 24 hours for your hair & scalp to adjust to the new weight, if after a week you still find discomfort please feel free to contact me as you may need extra weight taking out or length cutting off.

*Try not to wash your hair more than twice a week if needs be you can just wash the t-section of your natural hair (this is good for your own hair too) please do not apply conditioner at the root as this may cause your extensions to slip

* When brushing your extensions, section the hair work your way up from the bottom holding your hair as you do, don’t be scared to brush the roots (using a extension brush)

*Always tie your extensions into a loose ponytail or plait this stops any knotting & matting

*Once you’ve washed your hair towel dry, squeeze excess water & pat dry (try not to rub)

*Please use oil/leave in conditioner before drying (help keep your extensions soft) apply heat protector when styling.  Always dry your hair especially at the root you should never leave your extension wet while sleeping

*NEVER remove your own hair extensions this can damage the natural hair!

PLEASE REMEMBER you loose between 100-200 natural hairs a day sometimes more. This is why it is important for you to run your fingers through the roots daily separating your bonds, PLEASE do not panic if any extensions fall out with a little hair attached to them this can happen alot or not at all, if you feel you are losing a lot or getting any irritation please contact me.

Colouring your roots or extensions

*I cannot guarantee the result or the condition of your extensions once home coloured & the manufacturers guarantee will be invalid

*I recommend colouring/foiling/bleaching only your hairline & t-section while extensions are fitted

Holidays abroad or locally

*Try to keep your extensions dry & out of the sun by wearing a hat

*When swimming in the pool/sea, apply leave in conditioner through the extensions (this will act as a barrier from the seawater & chlorine, also try to keep hair tied up.

*Shampoo & condition your hair after swimming or visiting the beach

*DO NOT USE Moroccan oil while in the sun as this can turn blonde or lighter hair orange

*Cover hair with a towel when using sunbeds


*I have aftercare products available to purchase in the salon

*Please use sulphate free shampoo & conditions & avoid using tigi range, treseme, head & shoulders, vosene,herbal essence, fructis or any strong dandruff shampoos as they contain acids/sulphates that disintegrate the bonds


Please carry out all advice given by me to maintain your extensions, the life span of your extensions will depend on how they are cared for. Regular maintenance is required & removal must be carried out by a professional.

But overall please enjoy your gorgeous new hair!!  Sam xxx